Card-Jitsu Fire Sneak Peek!

Screenhog posted a new sneak peek of the Fire Dojo on the Community Blog. Check it out.


I think that this will be part of the floor. I’m not sure though. Okay, so what event are you looking forward to the most? Card-Jitsu Fire or the new upcoming mission? Tell me what you think!


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Club Penguin Finished Fire Dojo Picture

Oh man! What a sweeeet Sneak Peek! I found this picture of what the Fire Dojo will look like when it is finnished. This will be available November 24th. Here is the sneak peek:


I’m really excited for the Fire Dojo to be finished. It looks like there will be two mats where two players can play versus each other, one mat for three players, and one mat for four players. Are you ready to become a fire ninja?

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New Club Penguin Mad Libs Book!

Hey Penguins! A long time ago, Club Penguin came out with a Mad Libs book! Well, Club Penguin has released another Mad Libs! It is called, “Club Penguin Mad Libs”. It is very similar to the original book, except it contains 21 Mad Lib stories all about Club Penguin!

Disney Club Penguin Mad Libs

You can get the new Club Penguin book on Amazon online or at your near book store. Are you getting the new Club Penguin Mad Libs book?

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Card-Jitsu Fire Coming Soon!!!

Hello Penguins!

The construction in the new Fire Dojo’ll be finished soon and on November 24th you’ll be able to play Card-Jitsu Fire!

Since the video came out, lots of people have been asking how to get ready to play the new game. The first step to is to become a ninja:

    * Head to the Dojo to train
    * Earn your belts 
    * Beat Sensei, he’ll give you your Ninja Mask
Once you’re a ninja, get the golden Amulet and head to the new Fire Dojo! “I can’t give away all the surprises… but I can tell you that up to 4 ninjas can play at once!!” And just like in the original Card-Jitsu game, you’ll be able to enter codes from your offline cards to add to your online collection.

Until then…Waddle on!

~ Cool Chazman

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Club Penguin Snow Maze Sneak Peek!

Hey guys, Club Penguin Cheats, Club Penguin Glitches, Club Penguin Tips, Club Penguin Pins, and Club Penguin weird stuff has logged in.

A new Club Penguin maze will be arriving soon, and today I was able to find a really cool sneak peek of it! Check it out.


The Snow Maze will be available at the Ski Village later this month.

Thats all the Club penguin cheats, secrets, glitches, tips and weird stuff for now. So please come back! –

Comment with your thoughts!

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Club Penguin Fire Jitsu Items Sneak Peek

Hello everyone. I think i have found out the items which would be released when Volcano room will be finished constructing. Take a look.


There are two penguins fighting at the Volcano. I think we’ll be able to buy or earn that fire suit and fire boots. That would be really cool. I also think that we’d be able to play multi player card jitsu. That would be really cool! Also the  Volcano master should be Ninja O Dark.



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More Card-Jitsu Fire News! =)

It’s here, it is finally here! You can now buy the Ninja Amulet at the Ninja Hideout on Club Penguin.

The Club Penguin Ninja Amulet!

Go to the Club Penguin Ninja Hideout and open the Martial Arts Catalog.  On the first page it will have the Amulet.

Ninja Amulet!

Behold, the Amulet. A symbol of
power and skill, and a key to
mastering the elements.

Continue your journey by opening
the hidden doors in this room.
The next Dojo awaits.


If you are a member you can buy the amulet and go to the Volcano Room – “Fire Dojo”! Here’s how:

ninja 01

After you buy the Amulet click the stone with a Fire Symbol carved into it, this will bring the secret entrance out of the ground (if you are a non-member it will display a message on the door and you will not be able to enter).

ninja 02

Enter the Volcano via the Secret Doors. The next Dojo awaits!

ninja 03

The Volcano Dojo or the “Fire Dojo” is not complete yet but check it out! Look at the big boiler full of Hot Sauce! The promo video did mention lots of hot sauce! Maybe thats what keeps the Volcano flowing? If you look at the dark red mats (for the new Ninja Game) you will see it is split into 4 sides, will the new game feature a 4-way battle?

ninja 04

Lastly, if you look at the big Samurai Statues you will see they are wearing a mask.

ninja 05

Could this be the “Fire Mask” Sensei has talked about? Stay tuned!

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