The cheats and more stuff!!!

 (Some pictures you have to click if you can’t see it all the way)

 This is the last time I write on this post, but go to these site movies there funny:



Here is Where Chazy 123 was:


Here are the Events Coming Soon:

April.6>>Clothing Catalog

            >>Easter Egg Hunt – find all the eggs and get a free Easter Gift

April.12>>Writing Contest Closed

April.13>>New post cards

              >>New Pin Hidden

              >>Stage in Lighthouse – construction finished

April.20>>Furniture Catalog

               >>Igloo Catalog



Here is my new poll:

Next Poll is April.12,2007

Awwwwwwwwwww, the April Fool’s Day Party Is Over!

Here is some Key-Board-Short-Cuts.


Where Is Chazy 123?:

where-is-chazy-123.jpgAnswer comes out April.5,2007!

Here is a funny Picture I made today.


Hey I got Ban today, April Fool’s!

Here is Aprils Pic Of The Month=


Here are the penguins that I say are Famous.(Not including me or Chazy 123)[only 14 penguins]





5.Chewitt <Chewitt Dude>







12.Gamer <Gamer 7>



You know that “How to flip pizza and drill at the same time“glitch, it works with 2 differents dances, then just that!

For this Event (April Fool’s Day Event) you can walk on the Dojo walls, but its not a glitch.Easily go click on a wall, and you will be walking on one.Even look at this picture.


Here is all the new things that came out today, but dont’t worry I’ll tell you how to get them(sorry you cant see the pictures good):


Here is how you get the pin;

See that Box at the Dock


Move your mouse at the box then another comes out…

once you cant do it anymore go to it:


Heres how You get the Misserrious Glass’es,Nose,and Musstash:

Go to the Beach and…


One More Thing The Propreller Hat: Just…

item-2.jpg(its in the cave)

Q:How to get to the Cave?  A:Go to the Mine Shaft on the Map, then go inside, then go to about the bottom Right Corner!

You know whats funny about this Event?

Theres box’es everywhere.For just this Event I’m calling Club Penguin, Club Box-O-Penguin.   LOL

If you want to know what I mean, look at this Picture of the Beach; even count how many Box’es I caught in my Picture: 


If thats not good enough for you, go play Club Box-O-Penguin(Club Penguin) and see what I mean.(Event from March.30,2007-April.2,2007)Hurry because its leaving soon.And you know when.SO HURRY!!!

How to flip pizza and drill at the same time

by Cool Chazman and help from Chazy 123 

1. first take everything off
2. go to your player card
3. x your player card out
4. now put on pizza apron and chef hat and x out of the player card
5. now go back on the player card
6. take everything off and put the mining hat on and don’t x out of the player card just yet
7. now press d and you will dance and flip pizza and mine

(only you can see it)others see you flipping a pizza.

If that dosen’t work try it on

Hey this Picture of the Penguin is how Club Penguin Started:


When I have nothing to do on Club Penguin, I play ToonTown.


Here are the new things that are coming soon:

March 30>>April Fool’s Day – FUN

                 >>New Pin Hidden

April 6>>Easter Egg Hunt

            >>Clothing Catalog

April 12>>Writing Contest Closed

April 13>>New Post Cards

              >>New Pin Hidden

April 20>>Furniture Catalog

               >>Igloo Catalog

Look What Happens to the Stick-Man

Now Watch


This is not the real Club Penguin but its still funny!!!

 – by Cool Chazman and help by Chazy 123

Heres What time it is in Cannada:

(Click It) –


(if this does n0t w0rk then I have no idea whats wrong with it)

Here is my 2nd Animation;(its a long animation)

Ski Mountain Animation

And here is my poll, the address bar; once after you typed it, it will have lots of stuff under the page, then erase “www.” snd it should be better)

Next Poll April.4,2007.

Here is the key in the 3rd Mission:


Here is an video – How to Complete Mission3:

go to;

I’m not writing much today.And tomorrow theres a new poll, so come on this site tomorrow!

Theres a new mission.  Its called ”CASE OF THE MISSING COINS”Here is what you have to do to beat the mission;

1. Talk to the Green Penguin.
2. Tell the penguin to close the door.
3. Go upstairs into the office and look under the couch. There is a paperclip and a computer disk, put them in your inventory.
4. Go to the computer, switch it on and put the computer disk in it.
5. Click My File then Combination_Number
6. Remember the 4 numbers they always change. Then go downstairs to the gift shop.
7. Talk to the Penguin and put the combination number into the vault.
8. Talk to the Green Penguin and your Spy Phone will ring.
9. Answer the spy phone and go into the HQ.
10. G will tell you to watch the video. Click the screen and watch the video.
11. After you watch the video g will tell you to go to the rooftop. He will open the drawers and you will collect the key which says rooftops. The key u want is the first one. Put it into your inventory.
12. Go back to the office in the Gift Shop. Go to the door that says To Roof. Use the key to open it.
13. You will see a box which says Powa Box. Open it with the spanner on your Spy Phone.
14. Go into the box and use the paper clip to turn of the power.
15. Collect the white fibers near the Powa Box.
16. Go back to the Vault and talk to the Penguin who is be under the pile of coins.
17. Go back to the HQ and talk to g.
18. He will tell you if you have found anything else. Tell him you found some white fibers and give him the fibers.
19. G will give you another mission to get the power back on in the Night Club.
20. Get the flash light in the HQ then go to the town.
21. Talk to the crying penguin.
22. Go to the Night Club and use the Flash Light or Night-vision goggles to see your way through into the Boiler Room.
23. When you enter the boiler room, find the fuse box.
24. Try to complete the puzzle by making all the buttons the same colour.
25. Go back to the HQ and talk to g then get your medal and your thank you card.
And now you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats all for today folks.

Oh yeah, heres a picture!


Here was a thing you had to find me yesterday, but I diddn’t put it up yesterday because I was tooooooooooo lazy!(but today I’m puting the answer up too)


 The picture that is over this message is helped with Chazy 123.

Today 3 New books were released which can be found in the book room:

Truth or dare, Spice of life and frankys first band,

I would give the first one 3/5 2nd one 2/5 3rd one 1/5  And also new puffle play has been released they now play in extraordinary ways!

Here are the new books:

Also here is the new tricks from the PUFFLES;

1) Black puffle – new skateboard tricks

2) Blue puffle – plays with the ball (more moves)

3) Green puffle – Flies (more moves) + tricks

4) Pink puffle – plays with a rope (new moves) + jumps higher

5) Purple puffle – plays with a big bubble

6) Red puffle – same stuff (new tricks with the stuff)

And this was a Cool Chazman report,thx.

Next Post Tuesday,March.27,2007, until then


Here are the events coming soon:

March 23>>Book Room-read a new story in the Book Room

                 >>Puffles Play-watch what the puffles can do now

March 30>>April Fool’s Day-?????

                 >>New Pin Hidden

April 6>>Clothing Catalog

April 13>>New post Cards

              >>New Pin Hidden

And here is something in the newspaper, but its a bad thing.(I think)


Here is my first Animation:

1st-snowball-animation.gifDo you have any questions?

Here is my other vote thing just go to; 

Next vote Wednesday,March.28,2007!

Do not play Sled game, I lost money.  SEE for yourself:


Time Warp Cheat
. Edit the time to a later date without entering club penguin e.g. 2013. (Adjust Date by going to bottom right corner of the screen and right clicking then going on adjust date/time)

2. Login fully on Club Penguin.

3. Click on the question mark in the corner of the blue bar where your chat box goes.

4. It should say your penguin is old/very old depending on time you set it.
Time Warp Cheat
Time Warp CheatCheat help with Chazy 123.

Have fun. If you set back the time it will go back to the age it used to be.


On Astro Barrier there are secret levels. On the tutorial between levels 10 and 11, wait 25 seconds without touching anything. A blue ship will appear to your left. Soot it and secret levels will come up. Oh and by the way, all the secret levels are in the shape of the number.

This is whats in the hq now:


And I finally beat The Jet-Pack-Adventure,see for yourself;


 (Click Picture to see fully)


This is Cool Chazman speaking.Club Penguin have fixed most of the glitches you can do ( This includes Newspaper Dance, Walking on Water, Walking on lighthouse walls, and many more ( I will try to find other ways of trying to the glitches but in the meantime you won’t be able to do much glitches anymore

Just because it’s Sping now, I’m going to give you some-thing special;

Aprils pic of the Month=______________april-pic-of-month.gif(But when it’s April, I will make it bigger)

Heres how many buddies I have;


Some people asked,”How do you get that many?”,or like,”Is that real or fake?”,Well I will answer that right now;  All you have to do is make a friend when you have 99 buddies, then quickly ask more to be your friend, and if they say yes, you will have way more like,”101-120.”  But if you get ban, don’t blame me!

On March.23,2007 I’m going to meet Paintboy100.

 Wave or Dance or Sit with a Newspaper.

Go into a corner where you can still see yourself, and read a newspaper. Press either W, S or D to Wave, Sit or Dance, and you will do these things while holding the newspaper.

Here is something very funny, and you could do it,but don’t ask me:

 Go to and you can have a Vote.

Their will be a new Poll each week.Next poll on March.22,2007!

Here is something in the HQ;

 ____untitledhmmm.pngIt says ”REMEMBER TO STUDY THE SECRET AGENT CODE.”

Answers for a tour guide person,

When you click on the tour guides you are asked to take a quiz. In evry quiz there are 8 questions. I tried the quiz many times so i can give you all the answers. There are 15 different questions. Here are the questions and the answers!

Download the quiz answers here (click on the “here”)

Oh yeah, here is a picture of my highest Ballistic Biscuit score:


Illigal Action:

Hey this is Cool Chazman Speaking. Well some people have decided to take posts and pictures and info and stuff like that, copy it all and paste it on their site. Well that is illigal, and for the people that are doing this, all i ask is that you take down the stuff i made, like my info, pictures and posts! Most of them are well… how should i say… some newbs at a desk getting famouse of my hard work! So the point i’m trying to get at is that, EVERY single thing i write or upload, all my words, all my pictures, the title of the site, are ALL under copywright by me. They all belong to me! so if you would like to use my stuff illigaly (by taking my hard work and posting it on YOUR site) you must contact me and ask permission and I’ll probley either say No or just ask you to pay money for using my posts and pictures! If i do give you permission than you are REQUIRED LEGALY to put my name somewhere, but ONLY if i give you permmision for using it! Most people would think “ooh, he won’t care if i just use this 1 picture and maybe a couple secrets”, but ya i care! I’m talking law suits because stealing and posting my stuff is ILLIGAL! I just wanna warn you so you don’t get in any trouble.Oh yeah, don’t copy this too.

Here is a cool Glitch;

When you login you need to see a picture of your penguin. Then go to where you put in your password and click, “forgot my password.” For a few seconds you will only see your clothing.

Here is a funny video on club penguin,


This is a pure glitch. When you are sled racing quickly minimize then maximize then minimize then maximize etc. Then after a while you will be sledding on nothing.

You can really be a ninja, but I don’t know how,heres a picture of kind of 1.


Next Post on Wednesday,March.21,2007.

Here is the whole thin ice intro,just go to;

Here is the answer of where I was before:

where-coolchazman2.JPG(help by;Oddy,Princey,the penguin123,and Gf dude)

The next post is coming out March.19,2007.


Hello Penguins,
The new pin is at the Lodge Attic. It’s a pot of gold! Oh, and there is one free item at the dock! It is a Green Hat. (AKA Lucky Hat) Also, the Club Penguin Band is playing in the Dance Club.The new pin is in the lodge attic. First move your mouse on the pod with gold and a small one will fall on the 2 pictures have a special thx to Paintboy100.

Oh yeah, there is cool new music for your igloo now:


Awwwwww, Rockhopper left!!

There was a huge party last night, no there was 2 huge parties last night, even look yourself:


Here are some cheats that are for the new igloo catalog:

This is a cool Website

Here are pictures 0f the new mission coming soon(mission3):



Cool Chazman(me) and Paintboy100 is hiding, where did we go?!


Dragonflyer9 and Chewit Dude are hiding

Where am I now (hint: I don’t have a name this time)



How much do you know Club Penguin,take this QUIZ;

Rate igloo time:


From today and lower of today, try to find ”UPT” and ”LOL”

Here are the new events coming soon:

March 16>>Rockhopper Departs                                                                                                                                -Adventuring penguin hits the high seas looking for more treasure

>>Igloo Flooring

>>St. Patrick’s Day Party

-Celebrate with friends all over town

>>Igloo Music Addition

-Try out the new igloo music

>>New Pin Hidden

March 23>>Puffle play expanded

And that is the new events!!!

Sorry I diddn’t get the new catalog secrets, so I will just tell you now.

1) Green Bowtie:


2) The 3d glasses!!! Click both Winter boots:


3) The viking helmets- Click on the pizza 3 times and the red viking helmet will appear:


Then Open and close 4 times the red viking helmet. When the blue viking helmet appears click on the coffee thing see the picture below. Then the Gold viking helmet will appear:

vikinghelmets.pngAnd thats the Catalog Secrets.

Here is something that is FAKE but still Funny!!!

very-funny-antras.pngSpecial thx to Antras!LOL(Light Our Lungs)

Today I’m trying to find Paintboy100.(And here is Two pictures of him)

________________buddy-only-find-today.jpg______________________paintboy100friend.jpg(2 pictures of Paintboy100 are thxed to him!!!)

I got two pictures of him, see!!!

Here is some Usernames and Passwords:

USERNAME:Lili Montana






U:Jim bem




Here are SOME things you can type:

  • Type E T to produce a musical note.
  • Type E I to produce a little igloo.
  • Type E P to get a Blue Puffle.
  • Type E S for the Skull
  • Type E D for a bright sunny day
  • Type E F to produce a flower.
  • Type E G to challenge people to a game.
  • Type E H if you love someone.
  • Type E L to wish people luck.
  • Type E Z to offer someone Pizza.
  • Type E C for a little cup of coffee.
  • Type E N for night time.
  • Type E M to show the money.
  • Type E 1 for a laughing face.
  • Type E 2 for a SMILEY.
  • Type E 3 for a plain face.
  • Type E 4 if you are cross.
  • Type E 5 if you are shocked.
  • Type E 6 if you are feeling rude.
  • Type E 7 to give someone a wink.
  • Type E 8 if you are feeling sick.
  • Type E 9 if you are very angry.
  • Type E0 if you are even more angry!
  • Press SHIFT and ! for a large exclamation point.
  • Press SHIFT and ? to get a big question mark.
  • Here are the anwsers to be a Secret Agent:

    1. Honest
    2. Being rude
    3. Report the people
    4. Tell anyone your address.
    5. I will keep CP a safe place.
    6. I will help other penguins

    Here is a Sneek Peek to April’s Pic of the Month;


    Case of the Missing Puffles:

    1.Talk to Aunt Arctic.
    2.Go to the Ice Rink and pick up the photos.
    3.Go back to Aunt Arctic’s Igloo and give her the photos.
    4.Next go to the Pet Shop and figure out the number code on the note. (The code number changes every time).
    5.After that go to the Sports Shop and tell the penguin named G the number.
    6.He will give you access to his ‘special items cupboard’.
    7.Take the life preserver shooter and go to the iceberg.
    8.Save all the penguins by using the shooter.
    9.After that go back to the sports shop and pick up the grappling hook.
    10.Go to the ski mountain next and help fix the telescope. Use the spanner on your spy phone to fix it.
    11.Click the telescope after fixing it then look through it to left, you will see a green puffle flying.
    12.After that go to the tallest mountain, use the grappling hook to get to the top of the tallest mountain.
    13.You will see the puffles.
    14.After you completed the mission collect your medal and letter.

    Hope you completed the mission with my help.( 8) )

    Here is something that is very funny, but it will not work.


    Here are Pictures of me:

    _me-1.jpg_me-2.jpg_me-3.jpgSorry you can’t see them that good;(only because I took the pictures when I was moving,sorry)

    Where am I?(Cool Chazaman)

    where-coolchazman.jpgThe answer will come out on March.17,2007!

    Here is someones Username and Password but he/she is banned.

    Username: Gizmo

     Password: gizmo

    This is a Club Penguin version of a Wierd Al song, Hope you like it. (It is a remix of “Ridin’ Dirty”)

    __________________help-for-you.pngThe secret message says “Attention all agents look in the HQ on Monday for a new mission”(s)——————————————————————————–~^

    G’s Secret Mission:

    1.The word is ‘mogul’.
    2.Get the new sledge and go to the ski mountain.
    3.Test drive the new sledge. You will eventually crash.
    4.When you crash you will find yourself in the wilderness. Click the rope and the Survival Guide Book and put it into your inventory.
    5.Get 3 O berries and put them into your inventory.
    6.You will see some puffles, Click on them and they will run away. The black one will stay. Give the black puffle a berry and he will become your friend.
    7.Near the berry bush there is a tree with a pan in. Shake the tree and put the pan into your inventory.
    8.Get the log near the cave and put it into your inventory.
    9.There is another bush near the broken sledge items. You will find a ski. Get it and put it on the rope. You will make a fishing rod. Put a berry onto the fishing rod, you will use it as bait.
    10.Go to the river and collect water by using the pan.
    11.After that use the fishing rod to catch a fish.
    12.Go to the cave and click on the rocks, then put the log onto the empty space, then put the survival guide on the fireplace. Then give a berry to the puffle and it will make the fire for the fireplace.
    13.Put the fish onto the fire and eat it.
    14.Then put your pan-filled water onto the fire and drink it.
    15.You will go to sleep and when you wake up go outside, you will meet an HQ agent and he will rescue you and take you back to the Sports Shop.
    16.When you complete this mission collect your letter and medal.

    Hope you completed the mission with my help!( 8) )

    Here is a Cheat but you have to watch it: more thing, when you want to watch that movie; you have to copy it and paste it at the address bar)

    Here is another video you have to copy and paste at the address bar; (I think)UPT(Ugly Purle Thing)

    Welcome, I started Club penguin on March.10,2007 and here are my Cheats:       Sled Racing:On the Bunnyhill, if you go one turn to the right from the middle, you can go through the whole course without crashing or moving. There is a secret room with lots of extra coins on the 19th level. Just follow the Picture and you can get in! When the blocks disappear, it may seem that there is not much, but you have collected most if the bags already when you got Have a Puffle Without a NameWhen you buy a puffle, where you have to type in a name press space. After you have bought the puffle, the puffle will have no name on it’s card. This came out Feb.26/07 clock-tower-good.png

    Astro Barrier Press 1 2 or 3 to skip to level 10 20 or 30.

    Heres a Funny Picture: 108093.pngI’m going to talk about the whole Club Penguin; 1. Town: Known ls the town center, this is where you will first start off with your penguin. From here, there are three places you can go to–The Coffe Shop, The Night Club, and Gift Shop. 2. Plaza: The second part of the town. From here you can start a tour guide, or be a tourer if you’re thirty days old. From here, there are two places you can go to–The Pet Shop, and Pizza Parlor. 3. Snow Forts: This place contains two snow forts for snowball fights. Recently, this has become the main place to check for the Penguin Standard Time (PST) because of the new clock tower. 4. Ice Hockey Ring: The offical ice hockey ring of club penguin. You may hit the puck in the middle by running towards it to get a goal. Theorically, ten goals is a win. 5. Ski Village: The village next to Ski Mountain. From here, you can go to two places–The Winter Sport Shop, and the Ski Lodge. 6. Ski Mountain: Also known as the Mountain, from here you can go to four ski runs agasint other penguins to win twenty, ten, or five coins depending on what place you end up in. Ridge Run is the hardest ski run, and counter-clockwise from that the ski runs get easier to Bunnyhill. 7. Docks: The offical docks of Club Penguin. From here you can play Ballistic Biscuit for coins. 8. Beach: The beach is home to the lighthouse. Once every two weeks Rockhopper shows up with his Ship Migrator and gives out free items. 9. Dojo: The Dojo is a sercet club penguin room high up in the mountains for a good hideout. There’s not much to really do there now. 10. Mines: The mines allows you to go to the Mine Shaft–along with various other places–to play Craft Surfer for coins. This is the best way to get coins in Club Penguin! 11. Iceberg: The Iceberg is also a sercet place. There’s not much to do here either, but a lot penguins spend most of there time here to socialize. 12. Members’ Igloo: Once you click on this you’re given a list of penguin names. If you click on one of those names you will then go to the penguin’s house. Just about every day you’ll end up in a different house. If you’re a member you can also put your name on that list by opening your house. And heres the Map. _____map-cp.png

    Marchs pic of the Month=march-pic-of-month.gifSnowball machine gun:

    When you are not typing press t then click and do it over and over again and snowballs will come real fast like a machine gun.  Only you can see it.

    Changing other peoples igloos:

    First go to your house and click on the tape measure.  Then click on yourself and go to the secret agent HQ.  After go to any house in club penguin and click on the furniture and you should be able to move it.  Only you can see it.Heres something in the new mail:

    its-a.jpgI can’t really get what it says.

    Heres what you can get from rockhopper:_________12.jpg

    Also there is a Free item in the book room (The upper floor of the coffee shop) Click on the red book:_book1.png(thx by Paintboy100)

    Next click on the blue book and go to the last page. Then click on the item.(it should say this:)

    _______freeething2.pngHere is a picture of the switch you have to click!;


    These are the secrets I know! Do NOT copy!!!!!


    <Oh yeah, my Penguin is named Cool Chazman and I have help from Chazy 123 sometimes, and maybe didn’t start Club Penguin on March.10,2007, but I did make this Site on that data, also my B-Day is May.2,????>-When its my B-Day in 2007 I’ll tell you how old I am-


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      the bandana is at the plaza. There is also two backgrounds hidden in club penguin. They are in the dock and at the forest. There is also a new mission. This mission is secret of the fur. This is a guide to beat it:
      1.Go to the HQ and find the AC 1000 in the gadget room and put it into your Inventory.
      2.Talk to G about the analyzer and click the Forensic Analyzer 3000.
      3.Open up your Spy Phone and get the comb out and place it onto the pink fur (Pink Puffle).
      4.When you finish analyzing the pink fur, talk to G and he will provide you with white fur.
      5.Put the white fur that you are given into the Analyzer and it will scan three items (Hot chocolate, Hot sauce and Fuel).
      6.Finish talking to G and go to the Pizza Parlour, talk to the Manager about what happened with the mess and get the Chocolate and Hot Sauces.
      7.Talk to the Manager again and he will ask you for help (to deliver a pizza to the penguin fishing behind the Ski Lodge).
      8.Collect the Pizza box near the till in the Pizza Parlour.
      9.Go to the Ski Lodge and click the ‘Ice Fishing’ game.
      10.Talk to the penguin and give the pizza to him.
      11.Go to the Coffee shop and talk to the worker about the mess and look at his drawing of the ‘Monster’.
      12.The hot chocolate machine doesn’t work and you would have to fix it.
      13.Place the mug under where it says ‘Press for hot chocolate.’
      14.Put the Chocolate sauce into the funnel which says ‘Insert Chocolate’
      15.Then open your Spy phone, get the spammer from the tools and click it onto the Milk hose.
      16.At the side of the machine it has a temperature meter. Click it to make it turn hot.
      17.Now you need to click the Hot Chocolate button. Move the mug with hot chocolate into your inventory.
      18.Go to the beach and outside the lighthouse collect the net under the fishes.
      19.Go to the Lighthouse and collect the rope near the red boat.
      20.Talk the two penguins and go up to the beacon (up the stairs).
      21.Use the AC 1000 to move the Jet Pack Fuel closer.
      22.Open your Spy Phone and get the scissors and cut the string of the balloon and collect the fuel.
      23.Then, visit HQ and find G (in the gadget room) then talk to him.
      24.Put all 3 items into the machine (the goggle calibrator) G created. Make sure you place it near the blue funnel.
      25.Talk to G when you have finished and collect the goggles and put it in your inventory.
      26.Go to Ski Lodge and collect the candle near the orange couch.
      27.Talk to the penguin (fisher) hiding in the couch and go to the ‘Ice Fishing’ game.
      28.Put the rope together with the net and place it under the tree.
      29.Put the candle on the net and the crab will come out and get trapped in the net.
      30.The monster (Polar Bear) will also run away and leave some fur behind.
      31.Take the fur of the ground and the crab which is trapped and place them in your inventory.
      32.Go to HQ and find G and tell him about the monsters. Give G the crab.
      33.G will tell you to put the fur into the analyzer. Get the fur from your inventory and place it in the analyzer.
      34.It will analyze a polar bear. And you then finish your mission.
      35.Collect your medal and your gift which is a ‘Pizza Box’ with a letter inside it.

      Hope you completed the mission with my help.
      Tell me if any of this information helped.

    16. 18

      Josh1027 said,

      Dude youre soo cool!Hey if you ever quit club penguin could you i dont knnow maybe let me have your penguin. I would love that soooo much!!!! PLEASE!Well if u can thnx if you cant ill never look at anything you write again!!!But no pressure just have fun.While giving me your penguin!!!LOL. That was funny.but sceriously.

    17. 19

      Lumpy5678 said,

      i LOVE toontown! and by the way, no need to take a picture infront of your computer, just open up programs then click the rogram “cut.” if u have an old computer it wont work. =O

    18. 20

      Pengutibba said,

      hey, i have a puffle named gamer! its a black puffle and LOVES to be moody.

    19. 21

      Puffle339 said,

      I like the penguin Animation 😀

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